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Great Resignation Webinar 

Uncertain Career Women




"The Great Resignation" has been called, "The Great Reshuffle", "The Great Reprioritization", and now the 
"The Hidden Resignation."


Over the last two years, millions of women have not only quit (or thought about quitting) their jobs in pursuit of fulfillment in how they work and live, but there is also a decline in engagement. While many professional women have not handed in their resignation, many are disconnected and less passionate in their current roles. 


Now more than ever, we are drawn to work where we have ownership, a sense of belonging, and an opportunity to share our superpowers in a way that makes a deeply meaningful contribution. 


Now that COVID restrictions are being removed and the world is opening up full-time, what will be your full-time plan?

If you are uncertain, register for the replay of,

The Great Resignation Webinar for UNCERTAIN Professional Women


This is an opportunity to use your uncertainty to learn, grown, and explore your new future.


This is a divine space where endless possibilities live.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Explore your next professional move.

  • Unlock the mental blockages that are holding your professional dreams captive.

  • Articulate what you really want.

  • Tap into your professional superpowers.

  • Remember, Renew, Reconnect with your dreams. 

  • Relax, get quiet, think and reflect. 

  • Get immersed in encouragement and feel safe and supported.

  • Transform your uncertainty into opportunities. 

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This session is ideal for mid to senior level

professionals who:

  • Mentally and emotionally tired.

  • Need professional clarity.

  • Feel bored or stagnate and desire a professional change.

  • Want to identify their professional value.

  • Desire time, space, and support to dream.

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