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Client Success Stories

We love our clients, and we appreciate their willingness to provide testimonials.

Dr. Ruffner-Ceasar is a treasure. More than just a resume writer, Johnette challenges you to think about your goals, your skills, and your experiences in a larger context to draw out the nuggets that make you shine. Her guidance and counsel helped me to reshape my resume in a way that surprised even me by honoring both my professional acumen and my passion; I now have a resume I can be proud of. Thanks to her, I was more confident in my job search and landed a role more aligned with my goals, and for a better salary. Her method is so effective and her approach is so warm that I have referred her to not less than 6 people in my circle. Thank you, Johnette, for what you do and how you do it! 

~Tamara B.

IT Program Manager

Johnette is AMAZING! I highly recommend her services. She enabled me to see my full self and encompass all of who I am in one place. She is extremely detailed and engaged me in conversation about me as a person; not only in my resume. She pulled out the essence of who I am and tapped into things I wasn’t aware of in my life. And of course, she helped me to stick to deadlines and be accountable. She was patient throughout the entire process. Resume writing will never be the same in my eyes.

~Sheree W.


My experience was far beyond what I expected. First of all the 30 minute no charge consultation was a great way for me to decide if I wanted to move forward. Once I committed I was impressed with Dr. Johnette's resume writing approach. You will have some homework to do however, it's designed to allow you to dig deep and quantify your body of work. I'd done this before for past positions however, I hadn't done this since starting my own business. I was amazed at what I had accomplished in such a short amount of time. My reason for using Dr. Johnette's services was I desired a resume that showcased my recent work history as a flight attendant.  However, this process has provided me with additional information to update my capabilities statement for my business. It was truly a win win on both accounts. Not only do I have the best resume I've ever had. I also walked away with a greater confidence in my abilities as an entrepreneur.

~Laqwanza H.


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