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Career Counseling

Our Career Counseling sessions are opportunities for mid-senior level executives to obtain clarity, overcome fear, and  make the best choices to improve

professional outcomes.


We offer two packages: Career Counseling and Strategic Advising for Senior Executives (SASSE).


The Career Counseling package provides support  for:

  • Overcoming fear

  • Recovering from layoffs

  • Starting a new career

  • Getting unstuck and much more.

This package is ideal for Vice Presidents, Directors, and Managers.

Strategic Advising for Super Senior Executives (SASSE) provides support to female senior executives who feel isolated, disrespected, and frustrated. This service offers time and space for these leaders to be heard, and to feel safe and supported. 

We are here to


  • Listen to your challenges, needs, and goals

  • Capture your vision

  • Assist you with making the best choices to improve your personal outcomes and the outcomes of your organization.

This package is ideal Presidents, Founders, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, and Vice Presidents.

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