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Today's youth have ambitious goals, but many are naive about the practical actions that must be taken to achieve them. Our Strategic Planning Sessions are designed to support youth clients by helping them to create a Strategic Living Plan.  The Strategic Living Plan is a comprehensive outline designed to help students to strategically map out their future goals and to identify the steps needed to achieve them with clarity, energy, and purpose.

This session is ideal for college-bound middle and high school students, as well as college students. This interactive session utilizes the Strategic Living Plan, Vision Boarding, demonstrations, and various other tools to engage participants.




“I found it amazing how Dr. Ceaser shared her obstacles with us.  It was very brave and made a vivid statement in my mind because I too could relate to her experience.  I have a new understanding of how to conduct myself.  For this reason, I thank her for all she's done and the overall impact she made on me.  She is truly a strong, brilliant woman, even more so an incredible speaker."

L. Reyes / High School Student

“Dr. Ceaser is a powerful, passionate, and poised speaker. On numerous occasions, she has transformed the lives of our students through her amazing workshops.  Dr. Ceaser's level of professionalism, coupled with her zeal for living a purposeful life, has proven to transcend across various age groups, social classes, and ethnicities.  Collaborating with Dr. Ceaser has been outstanding.  She has been a tremendous asset to our students, parents, and our Institute.”

Tamika Montgomery-Smith / Former Program Manager / Maryland Institute for Minority Achievement and Urban Education

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