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The Great ReVision Bootcamp


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Every woman deserves to live her BEST life!

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If you are a mid-senior level executive, who knows it is time to make a career change, but you are uncertain about how to make your next move your best move, The Great ReVision Bootcamp is for you!

If energy leaks are stealing your dreams

If you need professional freedom 

If you are not motivated

If you are uncertain

If you do not want to be in the same position next year


Now is your opportunity to determine what you want, align your mind and actions with that desire, and become the woman of YOUR dreams.

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Welcome to The Great ReVision Bootcamp




The Great ReVision Bootcamp is a 4-week virtual experience for

mid-senior level career women WARRIORS. 


This 4-week hybrid program is specifically designed to help you gain professional clarity, rejuvenation, and strategy to boldly pursue your dream career opportunities without hesitation.

Through a 2-hr vision board workshop, a 2-hr group accountability session, a 1-1 60 min. coaching session w/resume analysis, and a lifetime connection with other career warriors, you WILL:

UNLOCK the mental blockages that are holding your professional dreams captive.

LEARN how to differentiate yourself by identifying your professional superpowers.

LEAP toward the career opportunities you deserve.

Be supported with ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure your success.


Join a safe COMMUNITY of women career WARRIORS.


FREE Training: "The Great Resignation Webinar for Uncertain Career Women."

If you are ready to:

Build a pathway to professional freedom.

Accomplish your professional goals.

Obtain clarity and focused intention.

Create a sound strategy.

Boldly step into your WARRIOR-DOM!


Copy of Oasis The Professional Branding

You deserve the BEST!

Register TODAY for

The Great ReVision Bootcamp!

September 18-October 9, 2022


Receive our free gift

Meet the Facilitator

Here is the really exciting part... you will be supported

by an expert coach!


Dr. Johnette Ruffner-Ceaser, Founder

Dr. Johnette transforms uncertain mid-senior level career women into warriors!

She is the CEO & Founder of Liberated Expressions, LLC, an international Professional Services agency that provides mesmerizing resume strategy support, transformational career coaching, and serene professional development workshops. Through her unique coaching style, women learn to stop job searching and start opportunity seeking to obtain professional freedom. Dr. Johnette is also an adjunct professor, the author of When the Bow Breaks, a children’s book that teaches girls to love and embrace their natural beauty and talents, and a contributing author of Quarantine Queens: The Stories of Forward-Thinking Women Entrepreneurs During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

You deserve the BEST!

Copy of Oasis The Professional Branding

Join us.

Register TODAY!

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