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Capture the Power of

Resume Writing

"Resume Writing is about opportunity seeking, not job searching."
-Dr. Johnette Ruffner-Ceaser
CEO & Founder, Liberated Expressions


Through our signature Capture the Power session, we will teach you how to get prepared and positioned to confidently pursue new opportunities, identify your unique professional superpowers, how to use your resume beyond the job search, and write a quality resume for today's job market. 


Dr. Johnette Ruffner-Ceaser, Founder & CEO of Liberated Expressions, created this workshop based on her employment disruption. She earned three degrees and experienced two layoffs.  During the session, Dr. Ceaser will share the same formulas, tools, and resources she used to successfully reinvent herself for opportunities that align with her unique purpose and expertise.   


Capture the Power is a non-traditional and power-packed experience. It will soothe your anxiety while activating your inner superhero.

During the session, you will learn how to:


  • Overcome the pain of a layoff

  • Write a quality resume for today's job market

  • Identify your unique professional superpowers.

  • Use your resume beyond the job search

  • Turn employment challenges into opportunities.

  • Become a transformational vs. a transactional professional.

  • Speak the language of hiring managers and get noticed.

  • Strategically address ageism in your resume

Many of our workshop participants have acquired jobs, changed careers, and found new opportunities. Read or listen to their testimonials.



"Dr. Ceaser, thanks again for such an informative and uplifting workshop.  It was a wealth of information and so much more than I anticipated.  I left your class with the tools to update my resume, and I was mentally uplifted to engage the dreaded task."

"Through your class, I finally learned why I couldn't write a resume. This problem had paralyzed me for many years. I've read resume books, researched websites, read articles, and talked to employment counselors but every time I sat down to do my resume my mind would go blank. Never has anyone reminded me of my state of mind and how I see myself. I really appreciate you for sharing these insights. That was an awakening for me."

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