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Building Pathways to Professional Freedom

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Liberated Expressions, LLC   is a Professional Services agency that teaches female executives, who are experiencing a career transition, how to leverage their professional superpowers.


We turn female executives into fulfilled, transformational superheroes through our inspirational career coaching,

mesmerizing resume strategy sessions, and serene professional development workshops.


We help our clients to

  • Create pathways to professional freedom.

  • Identify, capture, and utilize their professional power to reach career and organizational goals.

  • Gain clarity and build confidence.

  • Articulate their value.

  • Chart an actionable path forward.


Dr. Johnette Ruffner-Ceaser

created Liberated Expressions, LLC after experiencing a layoff.

Her mission is to teach women how to use their resume to leverage their professional SUPERPOWERS, and pursue the career they really want with Clarity, Confidence, and Confirmation.

Dr. Ceaser is an impactful speaker and trainer.  She would love to support your next event. Book her!


Listen to her session, Fear Not: Discomfort is Dream Fertilizer

Download Dr. Ceaser's press kit.

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